*How did you decide to name your company Photo Lady Love?

The name Photo Lady Love comes from a rather unexpected place. While working on a long-term documentary project in the Richmond City Jail, in Richmond, Virginia, I was often one of the very few non-deputy women to visit the overcrowded men’s side of the jail. I spent many hours, multiple days a week, over the course of about two years, exploring every nook and cranny of the jail, listening to anyone who wanted to talk and gaining the trust that would allow me to document what it was like to work and live there. Well, over my time there, I acquired a few nicknames…the most common being “photo lady!” As far as the “love” part goes, what can I say? It’s always, all about the love.

*What is wedding photojournalism?

My approach to wedding photography is non-traditional. Drawing from years of experience in newspaper and documentary photography, I photograph a wedding like I would a story. It’s the story of the love between two people, of how you met and came to this point. It’s also the story of families coming together and celebrating. And finally, it’s the story that a couple wants to tell through their ceremony, the details you carefully prepare, the venue you’ve chosen, the people who you invite. With a photojournalistic approach, I am a fly on the wall and I capture the events of the day as they unfold, candidly. I know how important it is to have some posed family or friends photographs and I’m happy to capture those as well. It’s not every day that all of your friends and family are in one place! Also, I like to steal my couples away for a small bit, before or after the wedding, to capture beautiful, romantic and fun photographs of the two of you. I think this is a super special part of the crazy day that is a wedding, where you can breathe, take it all in, hold each other close, smooch a little bit and let me capture all your beauty. I will direct you through these family, friends, bridal party and couple pictures. Most of the day, however, I prefer you not worry about having to smile for the camera, but rather that you focus on experiencing the day and living it as fully as possible. Leave the rest up to me!

*What is the typical investment that couples make with you for wedding photography?

Couples generally invest anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000 on a wedding package. Packages start at $5,500 and can be built according to each couple’s needs for the day. Elopements, intimate celebrations and weekday celebrations start lower. Please contact me at info@photoladylove.com for more detailed pricing and packages.

*Do you work alone or with other photographers?

I often document weddings as the sole photographer. Years of working as a photojournalist have trained me to see an event from multiple angles and perspectives, to move inconspicuously throughout and capture it in its entirety without disturbing the sanctity of the moment or creating a distraction to those involved. If, however, we decide that your event requires multiple photographers, I have a list of experienced male and female photographers that I love to work with.

*How many weddings have you photographed?

I have spent the past 10 years documenting over 100 weddings in awesome locations including Washington, DC, Paris/France, Torino/Italy, Colorado, Richmond, Puerto Rico and Los Angeles.

*Do you offer albums?

Yes! I offer wedding albums, engagement albums, guest books, parent albums and baby book options. Please contact me for details at info@photoladylove.com

*What is your turnaround time?

The editing turnaround time for a wedding is typically 8-10 weeks. During high season editing can take 12 weeks. I take pride in delivering the highest quality photographs. Each image that you receive will have been edited and will be ready to be printed for your walls. My style is documentary, which means no heavy retouching or use of filters. I keep it as close to real life as possible! The editing time for lifestyle, engagement, family and portrait sessions is approximately 3 weeks.

*Do you shoot in color or black and white?

I shoot everything in color. During the editing process I convert all of the color images into black and white as well. The final product will be a collection of images in color and a second set of the same images in black and white. I don’t use the black and white versions to hide technical flaws with the images. I offer them simply because I love black and white images and I think you should have options.

*Will we get high-resolution images?

Every package booked with Photo Lady Love, Inc. includes a downloadable, password-protected online gallery of high resolution images from your wedding or your session with me. The gallery can be shared with anyone you’d like, and a variety of prints and wall art can be ordered directly from it.

*What cameras do you use?

I shoot Canon 5D Mark IIIs and use a variety of lenses. I always shoots with 2 camera bodies (with a few back-up cameras handy just in case), which allows me to move quickly between lenses and to catch any moment as it’s happening.

*What does it take to book a wedding date with Photo Lady Love?

A signed contract and a retainer fee of 50% of the total are required to book a wedding date.

*Do you blog all of your weddings and sessions?

I do my best to blog as many of my weddings and sessions as possible. I love to show off our clients and their stories!

*Will you travel anywhere in the world?

Yes, yes, yes! I love to travel and experience new places. A travel fee may apply depending on the case.

*Have more questions? Please email me at photoladylove@gmail.com or call at 804.513.2048 anytime and I’ll be happy to chat!