Eva Russo

Hey, there! I’m Eva Russo.

I am originally from…Ha! I’ve literally moved about 20-25 times in my life. So, let’s pick the place that feels most like home to me. EUROPE! I am originally from Torino, Italy, though I was born in Chicago. The years from childhood to adulthood took me all over the place; grew up in Italy, started undergrad in Paris, France, moved back to Italy, and eventually made it back to the U.S. to finish school. That’s when I first seriously pursued my career in photojournalism. And no! My parents were not in the military. They just moved my sisters and I, a lot-a lot! 

What I lack in roots, I possess in a spirit of freedom. My parents urged me to follow my dreams and explore opportunities wherever in the world they might lead me.

Life has brought my husband, our little ones, and I here, to Nashville. We’re still new-ish, but loving everything that we are learning about this region. So much to see, so much to do, but most importantly, so many stories to tell!

Here, I’ll tell you a little about my passion for the craft of storytelling. I was a newspaper photojournalist for about a decade, and LOVED every second of it. I told stories for a living through my camera. Why it was so awesome was that I got to meet people from all walks of life, and in every situation imaginable. Moments of joy, tragedy, resilience, hope, and grit needed to be documented. The privilege of witnessing the whole gamut of human experiences was fully mine. The emotional connections I felt as people welcomed me into their lives for a few minutes, days, or even months to listen, learn, and relay their stories to the world marked one of the greatest periods in my life. But then…I decided to leave my newspaper job to work full-time with my own wedding business.

I just fell in love with capturing joy around weddings. Wedding stories are a conglomeration of hundreds of tiny moments of emotions, anticipation, laughter, and romance. I came to realize that I could apply my skills as a storyteller to document one of the most important days in the lives of couples and their families. Now, after 10 years, from engagements to weddings, first babies to third babies, I get to see my clients’ lives unfold on the walls of their homes through photographs that I captured. 

Bearing witness to life and the human experience is what brought me to photojournalism and documentary photography in the first place. I am always so honored whenever someone allows me into their world, and each story becomes part of my story as I get to know the people in front of my camera and feel enriched by their presence. The couples and families I work with have become part of the tapestry of my life, and I am so grateful for all of them.

To check out my editorial work please go to www.evarussophotography.com