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February 10, 2012

As you all know, I love shooting a good restaurant review. There’s nothing like spending a few hours making pictures of a chef’s creations and a new dining space, complete with fresh and unique decor in an old Richmond building. Pasture is located on Grace Street in that part of downtown Richmond that is just starting to show signs of life again. I never eat when shooting a review, but after smelling everything from the olde salt clams to the brussels sprouts, and salivating over a handmade nutella candy bar, I left hungry and made sure to get back as soon as possible to try it all out. Well, my taste buds were as happy as my trigger finger, so I am excited to share some of my photos with you. Following are my favorites from the shoot. The dishes shown are: olde salt clams with cabbage, bacon, butter and lemon; sweet tea smoked trout with apple, bacon and benne seeds; steak tartare, with jalapeno, chili ketchup and quail egg; lamb sausage with navy beans and basil; brussels sprouts with winter squash, preserved lemon and pecan; and a homemade candy bar, with hazelnut crunch, nutella and chocolate. I also photographed the Deltaville, with house made cranberry jam, vodka, fresh lemon and soda over ice. To hear about Pasture in co-owner Jason Alley’s (from Richmond’s own Comfort) words you can find the audio slideshow *here* and for Dana Craig’s review for the RTD click *here*.

Photos by Eva Russo

All photos @ Richmond Times-Dispatch

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