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August 4, 2011
Dining Out: Hermitage Grill

It has been a long time since I had a dessert that was truly to die for. However, after shooting this week’s restaurant review for Hermitage Grill in Richmond’s Lakeside neighborhood, I tried chef Nancy Smith’s chocolate kahlua creme brulee. I literally could not stop putting spoon after spoon of it into my mouth, and the only reason I did leave some behind was because I didn’t want to be known as the photo lady who licked the dessert plate clean and left with chocolate on her face…This everybody-knows-your-name kind of restaurant is definitely a place I would go back to. I loved all the bright colors, the friendly staff and everything I photographed made me hungry. Following are photos of a few dishes: fried green tomatoes with cumin shrimp, corn and black bean salsa; salmon jalapeno croquettes with cajun tartar; and shrimp and grits with andouille sausage. For Dana Craig’s review click *here* and for my audio slideshow click *here*. Enjoy!

Photos by Eva Russo

All photos @ Richmond Times-Dispatch

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