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October 29, 2010
Megan+Phil: married!

Megan and Phil tied the knot at the beautiful and unique Hotel Tabard Inn in Washington DC in an intimate courtyard ceremony. Someone recently commented (while looking over my shoulder at photos from Megan and Phil’s final edit) that I have photographed some great weddings, non-traditional, culturally diverse and fun. I agree: I have been blessed and have had the opportunity to document some very fun, funky, diverse weddings and this was certainly one of them. The guests at this wedding were simply awesome and their fun-loving spirit contagious. A close friend officiated, another made the bouquets, another (the man of honor) tried to remember exactly how many years he had known Megan, Megan did her own hair and makeup (and looked gorgeous), Phil brought his very own sword for the cupcake-cutting and Phil’s Korean aunts dominated the traditional Korean wedding game. Many moments, much much laughter and so much adoration between Megan and Phil. Thank you for letting me witness your special day and I wish you a lifetime of moments, love and joy.

While traditionally the parents of the groom would throw dates into the bride’s dress and the number of dates caught would symbolize the number of children the couple would have, Megan and Phil’s friends opted to let the bride and groom both share in the joy of catching their future children and used whoppers instead of dates. Phil’s aunts, who came all the way from Korea for the wedding, dominated the game and made sure the happy couple would have 10 children!

Oh my goodness! I am SO in love with her dress! That dress makes me want to get married all over again (to my sweet husband, of course 🙂 )

Pretty captured! 🙂

We love the photos, and we loved having you there! (We were so glad you came out with us afterwards!) Thank you again!

ps – If anyone who sees this is in the market for that type of wedding dress, it’s by a company called Dolly Couture.

Eva: Awesome job! Love all the details. Killer dress and I want her shoes!
Oh…and the bathtub shot? Classic. Everyone in it should have it framed. How lucky this couple is to have such wonderful friends and family who so obviously love them.

Gorgeous pictures and beautiful wedding! Check out Marrying all couples since 1982.

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