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October 1, 2010
Lauren+Greg: engaged!

I love, love, loved this engagement session. Lauren and Greg put so much thought into it and their connection was so natural, the photos just kept flowing until we were all so exhausted and hungry we had to stop shooting. Lauren and Greg are planning their vintage wedding at the Valentine Museum in Richmond for next May, so we wanted to give the e session a vintage feel as well. Lauren ordered an adorable bathing suit for the river portion of the shoot. It was important that we get her mother’s necklace in as well as her engagement ring, which was her grandmother’s. Greg’s parents’ original pink Thunderbird was the absolute cherry on top, in pristine condition and just so classy when paired with the black and white cocktail apparel the couple chose. However, you can get all the details just right, but if the chemistry isn’t there, the shoot will never be what is expected. The chemistry between Lauren and Greg was fantastic. It was quiet and intimate, comfortable, sweet and sexy. The way Greg looks at his future wife is butterfly-inducing and Lauren has a magnetism that is enchanting. I am excited to share these photos with you and can’t wait for the big day next May. Special thanks also to the wonderful Lindsay Averette from LK Events & Design who helped style the shoot and is planning what I know will be a beautiful wedding.

Elizabeth C. Parker
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Just too romantic for words.

A hint that reveals my age – I was 16 when actually was passenger in this vintage T-Bird – which wasn’t vintage then. ‘Twas in “real time” in my first real job working in a Lake Arrowhead, California eatery under my eldest sister’s thumb. (She was a hell on wheels to work for.) A co-worker owned this T-Bird, but it was a soft aquamarine blue with white convertible top and she would take my sister Janet and me on jaunts from Lake Arrowhead up to Big Bear Lake and all around. Boy, did I feel enchanted!

Big mistake for Ford to have ever changed the real T-Bird style.

These are some of the best engagement pictures I have seen. I love how natural each of them are and how (knowing the couple) you can picture them in every situation as being themselves completely. I saw another friend’s engagement pictures recently and they are kissing in EVERY picture and it doesn’t look natural or like them as a couple at all. Pretty, but not natural. Great pictures Lauren & Greg! Love you both! xo

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