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September 3, 2010
Shelley+Rey: married!

As most of us who have reached the “grown and sexy” age (of 30 and above…) know, it is not easy to find your match. The dating world can be rough and, if you’re searching for someone, the wait can be disheartening. However, when you’ve found that person, your person, everything stops, makes sense, fits. It’s like he (or she) was meant for you, like he was made purposefully for you, and you wonder in amazement at how you possibly found him amid everyone. You wonder how someone who encompasses so much of what you were looking for actually exists and is so much more than you even knew to look for. This is what I saw as I watched Shelley and Rey say “I do” in front of their friends and families. They were so completely overjoyed to have found each other, so completely aware of what a gift that is, that it was infectious. Enthralled, they grinned at each other throughout the ceremony, wiped away each other’s tears and held hands.

The wedding was a beautiful and intimate ceremony in the gardens of Oatlands Plantation. The couple included a few traditions from the Philippines such as a birdcage filled with coins, to symbolize prosperity, a veil which was placed over the couple’s head and shoulders to symbolize God’s embrace and a cord wrapped in a figure-of-eight shape around them to mark their union. The sunset light and numerous gorgeous locations throughout the grounds made for a photographer’s dream-come-true. From the gardens to the barn and the cake-cutting on the steps of the mansion, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting to play with Rey and Shelley in. But no matter how beautiful the location, the experience would not have been what it was without the couple’s warmth, love and energy.

Awesome vendors such as DJ Ian Lade, who kept the feet moving on the dance floor, Paula Kiley at Seasoned to Taste catering in Leesburg and the ladies at Oatlands Plantation made the experience even better. Following are images from the day: enjoy!

It made me sad all over again that I wasn’t there to share in their special day. However, the photos captured the wedding with such intimacy – I feel like I was there! I love Shelley’s blue shoes and red toenails. She was a BEAUTIFUL bride and everything about the day was representative of her classy spunkiness. I am so happy for Shelley and Rey – what a blessing they have in each other:)

eva these are WONDERFUL! i love your photos 🙂

Thank you lady! I’m having so much fun with it, loving it!

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