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August 13, 2010
Tim and Kevin: family session!


My session with Tim, Kevin and family, in honor of Kevin’s 40th, started out in the sculpture garden in Washington DC. That didn’t last long…We were quickly forced to scramble through windblown DC streets, with storm sirens wailing, and then jump into the back of a family suv to get out of a major storm. Crazy! The family rolled with the sudden change of plans and we ended up having a blast playing games while we dried off and waited to be able to head back outside. I loved spending the afternoon with this family. They were so playful, whether it was beating each other at some rather cut-throat table games, indulging in a little “Simon Says,” jumping on a beautiful carousel or climbing rocks alongside a creek, they genuinely seemed to enjoy being with each other. Following are some of the images from our afternoon: enjoy!

Eva! I love the photos. You really captured the day. It was great meeting you and I hope to have you capture more of our special memories in the future!!!

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