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May 10, 2010
Shake ‘n Bake!


It might seem strange to see photos from a high-speed car race mixed in with engagement sessions and beautiful couples on their wedding day, but it wouldn’t be a truthful depiction of what I do if I didn’t include them. This is my life, one day I’m at Southside Speedway with men in overalls, loving being  (literally) 2 feet from cars going really fast with a wall that comes up to my waist as the only protective barrier… and the next I’m looking a little more cleaned up as I photograph…the president of the United States. I’m a newspaper photographer/wedding photojournalist, it’s just what I do, and I admit it’s pretty cool. So, back to the cars, I shoot Nascar every year, usually twice a year when Nascar comes to Richmond. It’s a big deal here, a huge influx of fans and a lot of coverage. This year, I discovered Southside Speedway. They race all the time at this little country track, but on Nascar weekend Denny Hamlin, our very own Richmond-grown big famous Nascar driver, holds a charity race at Southside Speedway, the track where he learned to race. Whereas at Nascar the drivers put on their full diva/drama queen attitudes, shoo away the media and feed into driver rivalries that the media gobbles up, here I was amazed to see some of the biggest drivers in the profession joking around and coexisting just fine without their RVs. Another perk of SS versus Nascar? Well, the fact that the media tent happened to be the same as the VIP tent kind of set the tone for the day… Everything else, the sunset light, the wrecks every 5 turns, the fans, the whole feel of the event was so real that I loved it. So, here are some of the images from the night and check out the slideshow I did for the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Enjoy!


Photos by Eva Russo

All photos @ Richmond Times-Dispatch

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