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April 26, 2010
Nicole+Mike: engaged!

Charm City love? Nicole and Mike are all over that! I had so much fun with this sweet sweet couple. Although it took us taking Nicole’s mom’s advice and digging into some snow crabs to really start to relax and have fun, the comfort level between Nicole and Mike was very evident and has made me smile time and time again as I’ve edited the images. The way they took their shoes off every chance they got, the way she hooked her finger in his belt loop during our sunset portraits on Federal hill, the way he gently nestled his nose into her hair as she smiled for the camera just make my heart warm and excited for their life together! From Cross Street for crabs to Pub Dog (where they met), to the American Visionary Art Museum and finally Federal Hill with that gorgeous view of the Baltimore skyline, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Nicole and Mike. Below is a selection of images from our afternoon together, enjoy!


WOW! love these! the pub dog shot is my FAVE and that amazing blue brick wall! AH! oh yes, and the crabs + natty boh – perfection!

Thank you! I was totally channeling you with that awesome wall! And those crabs were delicious, one more reason to go back to Baltimore (o:

These are great pictures of the two of you in Baltimore, Your photographer was awesome in capturing your happiness and love. I never laughed so much from pictures before, your laughter was so intoxicating. Kudos to all of you,,

I love these pics! You guys look great, and I loved how the photography captures Baltimore in the background, but you two steal the picture in every shot. My favorite is the dip and kiss with L-O-V-E written on the side of the building in back!

OOOOO, Eva! You have outdone yourself! These are so beautiful!

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