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April 14, 2010
Carrie + Jami: engaged!

 Carrie and Jami were a wonderful couple to photograph. When I met with them the day of the session, Jami expressed two sentiments: one that the constant flow of red sox fans on the streets of DC as they headed to an exhibition game right under our noses was KILLING her…; and two that she was a little nervous about the whole picture taking thing. Well, I couldn’t help her with the baseball, even though as a Big Papi fan myself I could understand where she was coming from, but the picture taking thing ended up not being an issue. She was a natural! Carrie and Jami have such a palpable comfort level with each other that they eased into the photos together, they held each other’s hand as they got more comfortable and then Carrie just watched and smiled as her partner started to become more and more playful with the pictures. Below are some of the images from our beautiful Spring afternoon in DC, from Meridian Hill Park to the Masonic Temple where they spent one of their first dates talking on the steps. Enjoy!


Dear PhotoladyLove,

These images are marvelous! I’m unsure if the photogenic quality of the pics was your doing, the chemistry between the couple, or both, but this series of images is my favorite. Keep up the magnificent work. Heck, I may be swapping out superlatives soon 😉

MP aka “Mitigating Pressure”

Thank you for recognizing and capturing through photography the love Carrie and Jami share. These are such beautiful images they bring tears to my eyes and we’re not even at the wedding yet. What’ll I do then?

Thank you! I loved photographing Carrie and Jami, they’re a beautiful couple and their love is evident even just in how they exist next to each other. I can’t wait for the wedding!

Dear Photo Lady Love,

this series is Amazing! i loooove it, everything about it! keep up the great work!


Great shots! I found your blog thanks to the lovely Jamie Rose. Looks like we saw the same tree in Meridian Hill and had the same idea…. crazy, eh?!?

thanks! great minds must think alike (;
when did you graduate from Syracuse? Jamie Rose is the best!

I graduated in 2002. I was an undergrad when Jamie was a grad student.

Great pics you all! Carrie: I love your dress! Jami: you clearly *are* a natural!

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