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January 12, 2010
Richmond Bridal Showcase: yay brides!


This past Sunday I did my first bridal show. I had a booth at the Richmond Bridal Showcase. I was so blessed that both my sister and my boyfriend came down to help with the preparation for the show and the show itself. I could never have pulled it off without them, And believe me, I worked them hard! Lets just say that I had a vision for my booth and when I have a vision stuck in my head, it’s very difficult to persuade me to change course. So, my vision was to create an 8’x8′ wall of postcard-size images as the backdrop for my booth. I figured most of the photographers at the show would go big with their prints, so I thought it would be cool to do the opposite. I wanted people to be drawn into the booth by the wall, to actually step into my space – which was filled to the brim with photo love – and take a moment to absorb my images. So, on an 8’x8′ wall I calculated I could fit 240 images. No problem, I can print 240 postcard-size images! Well, at about 2a.m. Friday morning I was in my kitchen surrounded by 100 prints and my computer decided to start freezing up and shutting down every five minutes. With another 140 prints to go and a full day of work awaiting me at the newspaper on Friday, I went into panic mode. I sent an anxiety-filled text to my boyfriend, who is wonderful and was halfway to Richmond from NoVa by the time I woke up the next morning, and actually went to sleep (after another 2 hours of fighting with my computer of course…). My sister came in Friday night armed with a boatload of energy and  art student skills and we put her right to work gluing photos to illustration board. Needless to say, we finished the wall, 48 hours of hard labor and a very sticky kitchen floor later (that photo mount spray goes everywhere!), and were bright and shiny, with very little sleep, to meet all those beautiful brides-to-be, their moms, their girlfriends and of course their enthusiastic fiances in tow at 11 a.m. sharp Sunday morning. The show was great. It was a constant flow of brides who had a distinctive and reassuring appreciation for good, documentary, candid photography. Everyone was excited, a few were slightly overwhelmed (we sent them extra photo love) and my booth seemed to go over well. We had a big bouquet of heart-shaped candy lollypops, which were a success and disappeared rather quickly (we dinitely need a few hundred more of those next year…), photo albums and of course the blog. Although exhausted, I was actually a little sad when the clock struck 5 and it was all over. In the end, I think I might consider doing this again in the future, I so look forward to the weddings to come this year and I thank everyone who helped Photoladylove pull of her first bridal show!

and here’s a little video of some bridal show action courtesy of my beau…

All photos @ Eva Russo

great site. Great information. helped me alot thank you very much

hey flash,
i love those pictures!!!!!
i hope that the bridal show went well and you had fun with mp and ya-ya
i love the flag story and the brides and the food and everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love you a ton and miss you like crazy and can’t wait to see you
lots of never ending love,

the cards look so fantastic! yay!! 🙂

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