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December 13, 2009
Tandoori Tikka & Kebab

 I love photographing food. Chefs present me with their creations and I get to play with food for the next hour or so. I love incorporating the food in the restaurant’s environment, getting so close I can feel the steam coming off it and taking in the full aroma. My last restaurant review for the Richmond Times-Dispatch was of Tandoori Tikka & Kebab, in Midlothian. Va. If you want authentic Indian food from the Punjab region, this is a restaurant you should definitely visit. A window separates the dining area from the kitchen so you can see the chef hard at work along with the tradional tandoor, or clay oven, used to bake the naan and the tandoori chicken. When speaking with chef/owner Krishah Sehgal he emphasized how his guests should come armed with appetites and the desire to experience a selection of authentic, traditional dishes. Mr. Sehgal also spoke of his love of the restaurant business. He is well known in the area for an Indian restaurant he owned many years ago that he sold because, as well as business was going, he could never find enough help. After that he says he did a little of everything, for example entering the hotel business in Williamsburg. Approximately 11 years ago, Mr. Sehgal’s wife passed away of cancer and he changed course yet again, returning to something he missed, cooking the food from his native region for former patrons who for years had asked him to open another restaurant. Following are some of my images from Tandoori Tikka & Kebab: please enjoy!

Photos by Eva Russo   
All photos @ Richmond Times-Dispatch   

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