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December 3, 2009
A Veteran and his Flag


Last night I photographed Col. Van T. Barfoot, 90, as he lowered the American flag he flies outside his home. Col. Barfoot is a veteran of three wars, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. At the age of 25, Barfoot lead his squad through a minefield to the German line in Carano, Italy. Here, he destroyed a German machine gun with a hand grenade and then entered the enemy trench. By the time he was done, Barfoot had captured seventeen German soldiers. Later in the same day, he continued to fight in enemy territory and helped two wounded soldiers from his squad to the rear. For his courage, he was awarded the Medal of Honor in the field in front of his soldiers. Now, Col. Barfoot lives in western Henrico County, Va. Every day he flies the flag from sunrise to sundown. According to his subdivision’s homeowners association, Col. Barfoot is in violation because he flies the flag on a flagpole instead of a pole attached to his porch or doorway. He has been ordered to remove the pole by 5p.m. on Friday, December 4 or face legal action. This story has caused a wave of support from all over the country for a veteran and his right to fly the flag of the country he fought for. Newspapers, radio, TV and even facebook are buzzing with the story, but the deadline still looms. 

Photos by Eva Russo   
All photos @ Richmond Times-Dispatch   

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