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November 17, 2009
John Michael and Gabrielle

Now I had heard that John Michael III and his sister Gabrielle were shy, so I was prepared to put in some serious time before they would be comfortable in front of the camera…As it turned out, it took about three seconds for that shyness to disappear and for a wonderful  flow of questions and stories to come out of their little mouths. I heard about school, their favorite stuffed animals, all the cleaning up of their toys they’d had to do before I arrived ( I even got to see where some of the toys had been stashed out of sight…). I also got to hear about the affection that these two siblings have for each other and John Michael’s love for “sister,” as he’s called her since she first arrived to grant his wish for a younger sibling. Following are some of the images from an afternoon of playtime on an abnormally warm and beautiful Fall day. A treat all around. 

All photos @ Eva Russo

These kids are really good-looking, and so full of life. Look at their bright eyes, and beaming smiles. From your crisp, clean images the viewers really get a good sense that the kids are loved, as well as love one another. Thank you for such positive images, PhotoLadyLove.

These pictures are fantastic and you had great subjects to work with. These are truly lovely, artistic images.

I can’t thank you enough, Eva, for these beautiful photos. You captured their spirits and personalities perfectly. More than that, you made crystal clear many of the reasons why I, as their mother, love them so.

GREAT pics of my grand niece and nephew.
Close up of Gabby and John Michael were so tender.

I also thought the WIZARDS pics were spectular. How’d you get so close?

ahh! i LOVE the last one!! how sweet! 🙂

Great pictures of John Michael & Gabrielle. They really are the most adorable kids and yes, they’re brought up well cause their parents are both wonderful & loving! Love the last picture the most! Felicitaciones!

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