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November 16, 2009
Richmond Marathon

I think I have shin splints…no, I didn’t run 26 miles, or even half that, but I really think I might have shin splints…This past Saturday I covered the HCA Virginia 8K, the McDonald’s Half Marathon and the SunTrust Richmond Marathon for the Richmond Times-Dispatch. And let me tell you that running with full camera gear is ok for a few blocks, but when you have to book it for about 20 blocks in 15 minutes after a full day of race coverage, people start to wonder why the camera lady is tomato-red and looks like she’s going to pass out. Honestly though, it was a blast. I love covering sporting events because of the adrenaline rush, that peak moment, the drive and the emotion, so so much emotion. Watching people cross the finish line after they’ve accomplished the feat of running a marathon (or even an 8K for that matter) is such an exciting occasion. You get to witness pure exhaustion, the total depletion of all strength and energy, but most of all you see that intense satisfaction of having overcome physical and mental mountains to cross a finish line. 

Photos by Eva Russo

All photos @ Richmond Times-Dispatch

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