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October 12, 2009
Richmond Folk Festival

Saturday I photographed the second day of this year’s Richmond Folk Festival for the Richmond Times-Dispatch. I actually shot 3 festivals in 2 days this weekend, the Folk Festival, an Italian festival and an Indian festival. Needless to say, I’m sort of festivaled out at this point. However, I truly enjoyed shooting the folk festival. There were so many acts, so many cultural and musical traditions represented, I shot for hours and I could have kept going. Following are some of the images from the day, everything from a Cherokee storyteller (above) to Samba Mapangala and his African rhumba, Swamp Dogg and his fancy shoes, Sounds of Korea, La Gran Banda Columbian brass papayera and the No BS Brass Band and their New Orleans-style memorial parade. Enjoy!


Photos by Eva Russo

All images @ Richmond Times-Dispatch

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