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July 12, 2009
Ryan Mone`Lewis

It was truly a treat to photograph Stephen and Nica and little Ryan Mone`. I was fortunate to photograph this expecting couple’s wedding almost 3 years ago, and I consider myself even more fortunate to share in this happy moment and watch their family grow. Watching Stephen and Nica interact is a joy and the love they have for each other is apparent. Little baby Ryan Mone` will have the best parents she could wish for!

This will be the first baby for this beautiful couple, however they already have a house full of kids. Less than one year ago they became parents overnight when they adopted Nica’s 4 younger siblings. Now, with children spanning eight grade levels, Stephen and Nica prepare for one more.

Their attitude is easy, they convey no nervousness or anxiety, nothing but adoration for each other and a whole lot of love for their big family.





All images @ Eva Russo

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